Saturday, April 6, 2013

Being Divine

People think strange things about their gods

Jehovah created the world in 7 days
He let his only son die on the cross to forgive our sins
You know Bumba vomited out the Universe
And all his son did was create ants

Ra was the sun,
I know bad pun,
But it's true
And Apollo drove the sun across the sky in a chariot
Raven stole the sun and threw it into the heavens

If you look down the throat of Krishna you would see the Universe

People follow all sorts of rules to appease their gods,
Give up certain meats
Go on pilgrimages
Remain chaste
Wear certain clothes
Give money
Pray or meditate daily
Shave their heads
Climb mountains
Build pyramids
Make sacrifices

Perhaps our gods are just that amazing
So worthy of our love and adoration

Forget for a moment
That they
Send plagues of locusts
Start floods
Allow plagues
Allow killing in their names
Let the poor remain poor
Let people live in the belly of whales
Watch women get stoned
And burned at the stake

Just because someone questioned their love of a god, their intentions, their heresy

When faced with all this most of us still bow our heads
Our gods are divine
This is all part of their plan
We believe, we trust, we pray

Others are more skeptical
They realize that just maybe
Gods are much like men
They are capable of good and evil
Love and hate
Joy, serenity, anger, jealousy
Chastity, lust

And in our gods we trust

But perhaps
We are divine too
Capable of amazing feats
Of fear and adoration
Like the Virgin Mary
Round with the idea of perfect love
Like Hercules
Able to walk on Earth and in Heaven
Like Buddha
Capable of right speech

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