Thursday, March 21, 2013

Unpacking the City

City streets, slimy screens of smog
Smearing signs and staircases
Slipping through shutters and shades
Streaking skin, like sweaty sheen.
Soft sunlight makes the scene serene
Until we shift the silent secrets,
Sift the things left unsaid, seeing truly.

The traffic could seem tame
When trying for tranquility
Tirelessly tilting worlds to uncover truth
Tacking up thoughts of time-tested traditions
To displace tired towers and tirades of taxis
Twisting and turning in the tumult
This tropical sideshow

Slowly we bring this together
Well thought out fusing,
Stirring the cosmic soup
We realize the world can’t be black and white
I could meditate on the ways I have boxed it
Neatly, organizing, all for not
We have no power beyond patience
And purposeful observation
Letting all things flow as they were intended

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