Sunday, December 9, 2012


For all those involved in misunderstandings today!

Why do you mistake my passion
for fanaticism?
I really am just living, loving.
Can't we just live and love together?
It's okay that our interests are different.
We can share a knowledge
That each of us is sometimes
We can live passionately
Living, loving in our own way!

Why is it you aren't listening?
You just see
What you want to see.
What you hear was in your head
And you didn't hear
What I really said.
But sometimes it's just simpler
To pretend
We are not speaking the same language
Just relax
And walk the extra miles
With sweat dripping down glistening backs
Muttering "mai pben rai"
And humming about things we cannot change.

Why are you so angry?
You are blinded by this mask of fear
For your fellow man.
You seem so liberal
Until you start spouting the things
That you saw on the TV
And quite honestly
I have to say you are brainwashed.
I love you dearly
But you can be frustrating
I present an alternative view
And you spew
More fire than a dragon.
And here I had been lighthearted in our conversation.
Why is it so personal?
Just let it be.
It's okay that we don't share all the same views.
And yet this was an issue I was not speaking about directly
But somehow you made it the center of our conversation.
I am sorry
I awoke the volcano
Stepped into the minefield.
And I'm sorry that you misunderstood.

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