Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Time here
Is suspended
Like airplanes
Circling slowly
The air-strip
I feel myself
Slipping back into familiarity
Aware that I can be
That someone I shed before
Taking up new roles
Feeling slight unease
That this is maybe not so beneficial
This fragile state
Between what was and is
Drifting back into this comfortable old form
Too many times I've lost myself
Acting just this way
Forgetting all the grandiose
That exists outside this slow-paced sanctuary
I'm not so strong
Embracing old patterns
Acting as though nothing ever changed
Lulled by the familiar
Left longing for old times
Nostalgic in each breath I take
But it can't go on
I am not this person
Who I'm confused to be
And I find
I have less and less in common
When meeting with old friends
I'm growing old
Growing up
Somewhere apart
Moving forward
Meeting Progress

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