Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This Blanket

You argue in circles
Try to paint a picture that interweaves past and present.

You want to change the pattern here and now
Add a new colour
And vitalize the future.

But I am not sure if this pattern is as strong
This new thread
Must be thick
It will hold the whole piece together.

I want this blanket to last 7 Generations.

It will match the old blanket,
Now faded.
It sits in an old chest
And gathers dust.

There are moth holes
And edges frayed from wear.

This new blanket will be draped around the shoulders
Of a young country
To show coming of age.
To recognize maturity
And ability to contribute.

It symbolizes peace and understanding
It recognizes an agreement
That this youth
Will act in a way
Beneficial to all.

These threads must be strong.
I want this blanket to last 7 generations.
Are you sure it is time,
For that old blanket to be replaced,
For us to welcome in the new?

This is so much responsibility
It seems so soon...
And yet the old blanket
Is falling apart
The threads were not strong enough
To withstand the tests of time.

We must weave this new blanket stronger
Interweave colours tightly
Look towards the future.

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