Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This City

The city pulses
Bustling streets
Each city has a vibe
This one is seeping with a mish-mash of buildings built over centuries
Not every city could pull off this jumbled look
This city does with ease
Its personality
This city is intuitive
Maps are useless
As streets flow into streets
You find your way by following the heartbeat
Escape by fleeing it
This city has history
It vibrates through your veins
Strange electricity
It builds solace in natural wonders, not a machine
Never mechanical
This city
Is an organism
We take the roles of cells
Each of us bringing life to it
Navigating its veins and arteries
Allowing it to breathe soft sighs


  1. "you'll find your way by following the heartbeat" I like that... I like how you've humanized the city. It's a nice piece.